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We believe our team is what makes us great. We employ only the highly trained technicians to enable us to offer the widest range of cleaning services you will find anywhere.

Anything you need cleaned or maintained in your home, rental property or commercial premises we can clean and sort efficiently and competitively.

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Pure Services

What sets Pure Services apart is simple – we tackle the jobs no one else wants to!

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Pure Services was started around 7 years ago to fill a gap in the market for a professional cleaning and restoration company which could provide a full range of services in this space. Over the years we have grown into a national brand and put a real focus on sustainable cleaning systems. Over the past 12 months we have been developing our Purezone system (Chemical Free Cleaning). For me this is an exciting space to be in. Not only does it benefit our customers, but it also makes the work space safer for our technicians and the environment.

One of our key points of difference is our ability to think out of the box and come up with innovative as well as sustainable solutions. If you have a cleaning / restoration problem we would love to sit down and work out a solution.

Dave Begg - Managing Director


Pure Services is nationwide, offering an extensive network of agents who have the most up to date training so you can get an experience you will return time and time again for.