Professional Window Cleaning

When your house has lots of windows, is multi-storied or off the ground, window cleaning can be a nightmare.

Ladders are notoriously unstable on uneven ground and when you lean in to reach the windows or are wielding a long-handled brush, the dangers compound.

Even cleaning the interior and exterior windows of a medium-sized house is a big job that takes considerable time. Time, that you could be better spending on something else.

Pure Services have a portable water filtration system

What this means is at now when we clean the outside of your windows we are not just using water straight from the tap - this is loaded with minerals and it is these minerals that leave those pesky water spots on the glass which make the window look dirty.

By filtering the water we remove all the minerals meaning no more water spots and streak free windows. Not only is the filter great for cleaning windows it also doubles as a solar panel cleaner.

By using professional window cleaning equipment and non-chemical cleaning products, Pure Services can give you a superior result. Plus, the products used repel dirt and dust, extending the interval between washes.

And, if you live outside of our franchise areas and have other cleaning or pest control services carried out at the same time, it becomes a much more cost effective than having a technician come out for individual jobs.

The Pure Services team can discuss how best we can help you achieve a sparkling clean house, inside and out.

Call in the Pure Services window cleaning team who will quickly and safely remove the dust, dirt, streaks, and bird droppings.