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What is Soft Washing

Why Soft-Washing? Soft washing is the perfect solution for those hard-to-clean surfaces such as windows, roof shingles, and screens. But what exactly is soft-washing, why do Pure Services use it and what are the benefits? Soft washing is a cleaning method that uses a low-pressure washing technique and a mixture of algaecides, bleach, surfactants, and …

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Why We Promise You Cleaner Windows

Our commercial window cleaning in Auckland is cleaner commercial window cleaning! If that doesn’t make much sense, it soon will. Read on and we’ll explain.

Don’t Live With Mould

We’re specialists in mould removal in Auckland. We don’t just get rid of it for aesthetic reasons. As you’ll read, we also have your family’s health in mind.

Scared Of Mice? We Can Help

As winter closes in, mice and rat eradication play a big part in our pest control services. For many of our fearful clients, this service is a real life-changer.

What Salt Air Does To Your Windows

Window cleaning isn’t high on your list of favourite activities. So let us do it! If you live in a coastal area, it’s important we do it regularly and here’s why.

Catch Up On External Maintenance

Time for a building wash in Auckland? We think so! Building wash-downs are just one of the things we do as part of our external maintenance services

Pure Pest Control

A great article from Stuff.co.nz about the primary pests affecting households in NZ!