Mould Removal

The proliferation of mold on wet or damp surfaces, particularly the stachybotrys chartarum species, is a critical concern as it thrives on water-damaged materials and generates toxic substances leading to severe health implications. Exposure to this fungus elicits symptoms like sore throats, allergies, sinusitis, immune suppression, headaches, fatigue, and dermatitis, with pronounced effects on those with respiratory issues. Mold is a hazard and requires professional removal experts, as health experts recommend trained individuals with protective gear due to its nature. All mold types can cause health problems, including allergic reactions and irritation of eyes, skin, nose, throat, and lungs. At Pure Services, our staff excels in professional mold handling, important as mold is challenging to eliminate once established and can cause ongoing issues, along with producing unpleasant odors in your home. Immediate action is crucial.

We utilize the latest technology to remove mould odours and microbial spores as quickly and efficiently as possible to return your home to pre-mould conditions. To give you a better idea on the process we undertake. 

Ensuring household safety is top priority during work. Precautions like protective gear, ventilation, and following regulations are vital.

Work is within set timeframe and budget. Any delays/cost increases communicated clearly to client.

Pure Services Plan addresses mould using structured approach. Following steps ensures efficient, safe, satisfactory work.

Mould removal needs thorough assessment. $280 (incl G.S.T) call out fee covers assessment and report.