One of the peskiest of pests is the ant. These critters seem to get into everything and are very resilient. They live for years – up to 15 for a queen, but more generally around seven for the workers. Ants reside in colonies which can number as many as half a million individuals and these nests can be anywhere – in walls, lawns, tree stumps and, worryingly, under foundations.

Not even the tiniest crack can deter them when they are on the hunt for food. Ants are indiscriminate, they will eat anything and make a beeline for your pantry or food storage area. While individually they don’t eat much, their germs will contaminate your food, causing you to have to throw it out.

How to reduce the risk of infestation

First, start with a clean slate: call in the Pure Services management technicians to take control of the situation. Once the ants are gone, keep them gone by:

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