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Pest Control FAQ

Q: Can I stay in the house while you spray?
A: No, we recommend you leave the property for 3 – 4 hours so the product can dry. However, you can wait outside while the treatment is being done if you like.

Q: What happens if I touch the pesticide?
A: Nothing, just wash your hands, don’t lick your fingers or put them near your face.

Q: Will the pesticide kill or damage my plants?
A: No, we don’t spray directly onto plants so they will be perfectly safe.

Q: Will I have to remove my pets from the house?
A: Yes, just like people your pets will need to be outside for at least 3 – 4 hours.

Q: How do I clean after the pest control treatment?
A: Don’t use bleach or cleaning products on the treated areas. Instead, just use a
wet cloth.

Q: How long does the treatment take?
A: Between 1 – 2 hours depending on how large the area to be treated is.

Q: What happens if it rains?
A: Inside that’s not a problem and we don’t spray outside when it’s raining or very
wet. If it rains after the treatment it’s no problem as the product takes only half an
hour to dry and therefore will not be washed off.

Q: How soon after the treatment can I clean my windows?
A: You should leave your windows a week before cleaning them.

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