Make mould removal a priority. Mould is a real problem in Otago and needs to be treated properly. At Pure Services we have fully trained and certified technicians who can remediate and banish toxic mould from your home or property safely and efficiently.

We are experts at cleaning mould internally and externally from paths, walls, window sills and other surfaces, all without damaging the paintwork or surface underneath. Our products are kind to the environment, and leave behind no harmful residues so they are safe for your family and pets.

Mould and health

Mould isn’t just an unsightly problem – it’s a serious health risk and the effects can be both quite subtle or can be extremely severe. It can aggravate and even cause respiratory problems including nasal and sinus congestion, coughing and wheezing and Asthma, as well as; headaches, eye and vision problems, skin irritations and rashes, fatigue and immune system depletion. Young children, elderly, people with asthma and allergies, or people with compromised immune systems are particularly at risk of developing mould-related health complications.

Watch out for toxic black mould

Toxic black mould or black mould is one of the most infamous and common toxic moulds because it can grow very quickly in houses and is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS to humans. Black mould is commonly found in dark, damp areas of the home and should be properly eliminated, not just bleached.

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