Pure Access


Pure Services are excited to announce the acquisition of our new tracked access lift, granting us a new level of capabilities when tackling external maintenance work. We will also be offering the lift for hire with our experienced technician


Jibbi Hire Costs    
Minimum Charge $340.00  $391.00 
(*this includes the first 2 hours)    
*Prices include our technician and Jibbi @ $170.00 p/h +gst     
1/2 day hire (4 hours)  $680.00  $782.00 
full day hire (8 hours)  $1,320.00  $1,518.00 
Please talk to us if hire is for more than 1 day    
Prices with travel :    
Around Town $13.04   $15.00 
Out of Town Areas $17.39   $20.00 
Out of Town per Km $0.86   $1.00 


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