Nano Glass Protection

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 Although the possibilities for application are varied, the innovative power of nanotechnology is always the same: ceramic nano coating – which is often referred to as “liquid glass” – offers strong protection for surfaces of all kinds. Whether it be sustainable textiles or a ceramic coating for a car, shower glass, windows and more: Nanoprotect is the ideal solution for making surfaces stronger, more durable and more resilient.


Nanotechnology is one of the most innovative research areas of our day. A prominent and popular application of the technology is nano coating. With what many call “liquid glass”, surfaces of all kinds can be made more durable and resilient.

How exactly does it work? By applying a coat of nano particles, materials are given a second skin. The coating creates an almost completely even and hydrophobic surface, which repels water, dirt, bacteria, dust and other materials.


  • Durable water repellant: Nano coating and waterproofing keep surfaces safe from dirt and water. This makes them look brand new and easy to clean.  
  • Graffiti-resistant: A “liquid glass” coating creates a barrier strong enough to keep color particles from embedding themselves in the pores of surfaces. Apply a strong water repellent coating to walls and facades to keep them safe from graffiti. 
  • Strong against scratches: A ceramic pro coating is very durable and will keep surfaces safe from scratches and other damages to the surface
  • Corrosion prevention: The protective sheen of a ceramic coating will halt corrosion and keep the associated damages to a minimum.
  • UV-protection: UV rays stress varnishing and cause paint finishes to bleach out. A sheen of “liquid glass” will keep surfaces safe.
  • High-quality finish: Ceramic coating for a car or other products can intensify color and lend surfaces a high-quality finish.
  • Antimicrobial: Ceramic coating can also be used in the food- and health-industry. A special antimicrobial coating is hygienic and allows for easy disinfection of high-touch-areas such as doors, counter tops and work-utensils.

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