Meth (P) Awareness

Ensure your property is safe. Methamphetamine (P) contamination in the home is a serious yet ever increasing issue that has damaging effects on your property and the well-being of those in it. Scarily enough – the side effects of Meth being present in a home will always be there until the site is professionally decontaminated.

Pure Services accredited and experienced bio hazard team can professionally and discretely test, clean and decontaminate any housing environment and bring it back to its original condition. We guarantee a clearance level will be achieved once the property has been decontaminated for your piece of mind and safety. If you are concerned about your property please talk to our experts in this field.

The side effects of Meth being present in a property is felt long after the drug has been created or used and the possibility of being indirectly affected is highly likely.

  • Headaches and migraines
  • Dizziness
  • Skin irritation
  • Potential to cause birth defects
  • Behaviour and neurological disorders in children
  • Respiratory and breathing problems
  • Even, cancer.

In New Zealand, the most common place to find a Meth lab is in rental or government housing and anywhere people can move from quickly if needed.

Signs that could indicate a current meth lab:

  • Curtains always closed
  • Windows boarded up
  • People always coming and going
  • Strange chemical smells
  • Evidence of a chemical waste dump, such as burn pits or empty chemical bottles.