Here at Pure Services we take health and safety really seriously. Our sole aim is to make sure our employees, clients and members of the general public are in the safest possible environment whilst work is undertaken.

We want to make sure our employees are able to return home safely at the end of their working day.

We have been working towards the new Health & Safety regulations for the last two years and are more than confident that our new work practices meet the regulatory framework.

To ensure this happens we have put the following health and safety procedures into practise. Simply click to the links if you require a copy of our health and safety procedures or contact us for further information.

Adrian Hollamby is one of our senior managers whose core responsibility is Health, Safety, Environmental and Operational Compliance.

Adrian holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Management and his career background covers hospitality and facilities management.

At Pure Services we create Site Specific Safety Plans rather than just generic documents. This allows us to take better care of our staff and clients as well as providing our team and customers with the assurance that the tasks that we undertake are done so with the utmost safety in mind. To ensure that we operate safely we run our operation under a cycle of continuous review as this allows us to stay ahead of the game when legislative instructions change.

Adrian also chairs our Internal Health, Safety and Environmental committee. The committee actively work to provide an effective flow of information between legislative bodies, our senior management team and technicians alike.

Should you require copies of our documents please feel free to contact Adrian at the Pure Services Head Office.

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