How clean are you Solar Panels??

May 5, 2015

Solar Panels are being used more and more in new and old buildings to help with heating and electricity costs.

For the solar panels to be fully efficient and adhere to the manufacturers warrenty they need to be cleaned once a year.

At Pure Services we are now able to offer a service to keep your solar panels in optimum condition.

Any matter that blocks the lights path to your solar panels has the potential to lower the performance and the return you get from your investment.

You may think cleaning the panels your self would be an easy and cheap option, but wait, the water from the garden hose contains minerals and salts that will dry as deposits on the panel, further still degrading the solar panels performance.

At Pure Services we use purified water to clean the panels as chemicals and detergents can also damage the surface, shorten the life span of the glass and rubber seals.

If you have solar panels that are requiring some attention pleas give us a call at Pure Services and we can help you out 0800 47 82 16.