Spouting Overflowing?

May 4, 2015

Its that time of year again, the trees leaves are turning a lovely shade of red/yellow, and mix that with our unpredictable weather from stunning autumn warmth to torrential down pours with hail, flooding and the odd frost.

We cannot forget about our homes and making sure they are ready for the coming winter.

Our household gutters are not something easily seen or remembered about until that moment when they are not working correctly/at all.

That scene of a river pouring down the window just beside a downpipe in the middle of a rain storm is forever etched in my memory one winters afternoon. The only response was to pull the downpipe off the gutter and let the river pour off the house and deal with it when the storm passed.

Overflowing gutters can also lead to water leaking inside a home, causing mould and moss to grow, which can damage insulation, wiring and the structural integrity of a home.

All of this can be avoided simply by cleaning out your homes gutters yearly.

With the acquisition of a brand new machine that cleans out gutters without the need for a ladder (as long as your home is not 6 stories or higher) and has a camera on the end of the pole.

This machine has to be seen to be believed though. We have had questions about how can you get all of the muck out of gutters with just a sucking machine.

Well we know we get it all with the camera that shows us the dirt inside the gutter and we can see the muck being removed. The machine has a powerful suck much more than the average vacuum cleaner so if you have doubts give us a call and we are very happy to come around and prove we have a machine that is safety conscious for our team.

This leaves us with clean gutters and happy clients sitting beside the fire on a rainy day instead of being outside during the rainstorm cleaning out filthy gutters.