Unwanted Visitors – Rats and Mice

March 27, 2015

Its that time of the year again, when we start shutting out windows at night to keep warm, yet visitors still keep getting inside.

Now if your like me this is slightly disturbing and once you realise its in the roof/in the wall so it actually cannot get me then I just turn the TV up and try to ignore it!

This lead me to investigating the methods Pure Services use to remove of our wee intruders.  I went and spoke to Chris our head technician  who has had many years experience in Australia.  He is a great source of information so much so I am going to keep this brief by just talking about ‘Rodents’.

Rats and Mice can cause huge damage to our homes which can be costly to fix.  Now Chris has a mantra that there is no right time of the year to remove pests from your home, just do it when you find them do not wait as this can turn in to an expensive process.

Inside the bait station, baits are placed over pieces of wire and then the lid is snapped shut and can only be opened with a key.  This elevates any worries for pets or small humans getting their fingers on the bait.

The animal after consuming the bait, then gets a urgent desire to have a drink/find a water source and it promptly leaves the warm home/office block and dies while on its water hunt.

These stations are very effective, but we will check them frequently for effective rodent removal.

If you would like your rodent family removed from your home please do not hesitate to give the Pure Services team call.