How clean are you Solar Panels??

May 5, 2015

Solar Panels are being used more and more in new and old buildings to help with heating and electricity costs. For the solar panels to be fully efficient and adhere to the manufacturers warrenty they need to be cleaned once a year. At Pure Services we are now able to offer a service to keep... Learn More

Spouting Overflowing?

May 4, 2015

Its that time of year again, the trees leaves are turning a lovely shade of red/yellow, and mix that with our unpredictable weather from stunning autumn warmth to torrential down pours with hail, flooding and the odd frost. We cannot forget about our homes and making sure they are ready for the... Learn More

Pure Services May Madness!!!

May 1, 2015

At Pure Services we have decided to get amoungst May Madness. So for the entire Month of May, we are offering every customer the option  of  25% discount up to the value of $50 off our services we offer. We now offer an extensive range of services for the home/commercial business to keep any... Learn More

Unwanted Visitors – Rats and Mice

March 27, 2015

Its that time of the year again, when we start shutting out windows at night to keep warm, yet visitors still keep getting inside. Now if your like me this is slightly disturbing and once you realise its in the roof/in the wall so it actually cannot get me then I just turn the TV […] Learn More

Get $150 worth of services free

March 8, 2015

AND THE WINNER IS… Kirk Hawkins!! Congratulations Kirk you have won yourself a Pure Services voucher! Thank you to everyone who entered! Keep and eye out on our page for more competitions and deals! Just a wee note to all to say it is the last week of our ‘Welcome to March’... Learn More

Luck of the Irish

March 2, 2015

Welcome to March!! To help celebrate the start of another month – and to give you all a chance to see if you have the luck of the irish (remembering 17th of March is St Patricks day) have we got an offer for you… $150 of Pure Services Vouchers to spend as you will on […] Learn More


February 27, 2015

Chris this week has been on a job fighting against this unseen pest. The pictures below show him initially treating the sanded back wood with a product that kills the borer once they start eating it. This is a proven way to prevent further borer damage in any building. Chris putting a fog under... Learn More

Patiently Waiting

February 24, 2015

Here is a picture of the ‘Dirty’ section in the Pure Services workshop, full of curtains hanging up in those plastic bags. These having just being picked up/fresh off the courier from customers houses. From here they go on to the hangers to be cleaned and returned in 3-4 days to the... Learn More

Clean Curtains

February 18, 2015

The team has been busy this week transforming some mouldy looking curtains and giving them a clean healthier look. Check out the results below. Which pair could you mistaken for new ones…. Where ever you live in New Zealand, with the help of a courier and a ready made curtain bag we can... Learn More

Fois na Mara

February 9, 2015

We are proud to support a beautiful B&B along the Peninsula called Fois Na Mara (Seas Rest). When we receive the call for an interior clean from hosts Sarah and Darren Watts, it usually means they are super busy with happy guests. Check out the link below, Susan loves heading out for some... Learn More