Curtain & Blind Cleaning

Q: How do I use your nationwide service?

  1. Simply click on CONTACT US and then on FIND AN AGENT and that will give you a list of Agents in your area.
  2. Take down your curtains leaving your curtain hooks in and drop them off to your nearest Agent or you may wish to have them collected.
  3. Your curtains will the be sent to us for professional cleaning.
  4. We will send your curtains back within 5 working days cleaned to our Pure Services high standards.
  5. Your Agent will then let you know when your curtains arrive.

Q: Will my curtains shrink if they are cleaned by Pure Services?
A: Pure Services has devised a way to minimise shrinkage by applying weights to the bottom of your curtains while they drip dry. However, as the material used to make most curtains is not pre-shrunk, it is possible your curtains may shrink by up to four per cent although this is not usually noticeable.

Q: Can you remove mould and mildew from my blinds and curtains?
A: We have had great results removing mould and mildew from curtains and blinds. Although we test everything first we do use some products which can result in some colour change.

Q: Can you repair my damaged curtains / blinds?
A: We can arrange to have curtains or blinds repaired while they are with us for cleaning, saving you time and effort, this would be prearranged with you the customer.